Judging Your Life 2

Scott McPherson:

You’re judging theirs and yours, they’re judging yours and theirs—everyone’s comparing lives and feeling good or bad based on who’s nearby and what we believe about them. It’s a crazy, busy, confusing way to live. Today’s blog is about forgetting all of those opinions and external ideas so that you can remember who you really are. Enjoy:

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My dog and I used to visit people in Seniors Homes. That experience taught me that there were two ways to age. One way, your mind stays open and life gets progressively more interesting, and even the prospect of death carries with it some fascination and curiosity. The other way is to get progressively angrier that the world does not conform to your expectations.

At the home, the latter group often included strict, religiously devout people who were often angry that they had lead a “good life” and yet they found themselves in a room dying alongside someone who was irresponsible and had spent their life partying and having fun. They had subconsciously thought there would be an Earthly reward for not having fun, as though the bitter time spent re-hashing other people’s “sins” was somehow making them more holy.

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